Proceedings of The Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education (2015)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Alexandra Yeung

Keynote Presentation (Abstract)

Sharing and transforming our way of understanding the world PDF
Caroline Baillie
Using evidence to drive, validate and reward innovation in teaching and learning PDF
Tina Overton
Revolution of multi-sensory science education approaches for students who are blind PDF
Cary Supalo
Transformative steam education for the 21st century PDF
Peter Taylor

Plenary Presentation (Abstract)

Scientists and mathematicians in the workforce – building our future PDF
Roslyn Prinsley

Abstract Only

Implementing the threshold learning outcomes for agriculture at university PDF
Tina Acuna, Jo-Anne Kelder, Glenn McDonald, Amanda J Able
Group communication in an active learning environment PDF
Suzanne Ahern, Alexandra Yeung
A contextualised, online, introductory physics course PDF
Elizabeth Jane Angstmann, Wan Ng
Data driven decision making in chemistry first year subjects PDF
Simon B Bedford, Jennifer Heath
By staff and for staff: building, sustaining and empowering a community of practice in teaching and learning for all university staff PDF
Suzanne Boniface, Rhian Salmon, Sue Cherrington, Marcus Harvey, Anne Macaskill, Stephen Marshall, Diane Ormsby, Sydney Shep, Beth Smith, Rohini Biradovolu, Stuart Brock, Michael Dudding, Jonathan Flutey, Kevin Gould, Tony Hooper, Jan Stewart, Jo Walton, Richard Norman
Reciprocal peer teaching for problem-solving teams in a senior-year science course PDF
Michael Braun, Jurgen Schulte, Yvonne C. Davila
The “how” of learning in labs: Physical vs virtual vs remote labs PDF
Damien J. Carter, Euan D. Lindsay, Anthony D. Lucey, Mauro Mocerino, David F. Treagust, Marjan G. Zadnik
Disseminating scholarship of teaching and learning: Using grass roots networking to share research and influence teaching practice PDF
Joann Cattlin, Deborah King
Blended not flipped (with apologies to James Bond) PDF
Ian F. Clark, Paul Corcoran, Patrick James, Gunner Keppel, Deb Moulton, Tom Raimondo
Are undergraduates' expectations mirrored by graduates' realisations and employers' demands? PDF
Roger Collinson, Kevin Fergusson, Adrian Wong
An undergraduate chemistry student view of critical thinking PDF
Stephen Danczak, Christopher Thompson, Tina Overton
Supporting first year learning of scientific writing skills with a flipped embedded academic integrity module PDF
Yvonne C. Davila, Neela Griffiths, Andrea Leigh
Characterizing Victorian universities’ informal stem education programs PDF
Efrat Eilam, Kirsten Sadler, Fiachra Barry, Stephen Bigger
A novel method to lecture and to provide assessment feedback to mathematics students PDF
Lilia Ferrario, Linda Stals, Steve Roberts
Development and application of specific online videos to engage and improve understanding of laboratory classes PDF
Anthea L. Fudge
First year physics at Newcastle: A longitudinal study PDF
John Furst, John L. Holdsworth, Michael Gladys, Paul Dastoor, Bruce V. King
Implementing student centred learning in a traditional tertiary environment PDF
Fleur Gabriel, Julien Ugon, Jo-ann M. Larkins
Student responses to delivery modes in a large first year mathematics unit PDF
Chris Gordon, Carolyn Kennett
Video Assignments in Mathematics PDF
Christophe Haynes
Attitudes toward forensic science: a disconnect between expectations and reality PDF
Rhiannan Horton, Daniel Southam, Tamsin Kelly, Claire Lenehan, Chris Lennard, Simon Lewis
Reconceptualising mathematics and science teacher education programs PDF
David Hoxley, Michelle Livett, Cristina Varsavsky
Maintaining the PACE PDF
Theo Hughes, Jasmina Lazendic-Galloway, Eric Thrane
Designing and benchmarking degrees with the Science TLOs PDF
Elizabeth D Johnson, Susan M Jones
iPASS: ONLINE collaborative peer-assisted study support PDF
Efpraxia Kartsonaki, Chantal Bailey, Gwen Angela Lawrie
I have totally flipped—finally! PDF
R. Nazim Khan
Evaluation and use of an online data acquisition and content platform for delivery of physiology practicals and tutorials PDF
Dane King, Isabel Arnaiz, Clare Gordon-Thomson, Sharon M. Herkes, Nicholas Randal
Facing the challenges of undergraduate mathematics education: findings from the FYiMaths project PDF
Deborah King, Joann Cattlin
Distilling tertiary pedagogical content knowledge to support a new generation of academics PDF
Gwendolyn A. Lawrie, Madeleine Schultz
Scaling down to scale up: Results from implementing 1st year astronomy in a new physics and astronomy collaborative environment (PACE) PDF
Jasmina Lazendic-Galloway, Michael Fitzgerald
Exploring the effectiveness of a novel teaching approach for information and academic literacies in a first year engineering unit PDF
Mariette LeRoux, Fiona Jones, Nicholas Tse, Daniel McGill, Azadeh Safari, Sudipt Chakraborty
A metacognitive activity to enhance student understanding of complexity of a threshold concept in biology PDF
Lesley J. Lluka, Mark T. Williams, Prasad Chunduri, Jan H. F. Meyer
They may not like it, but it is good for them! PDF
Pam L. Megaw, Monika Zimanyi, Kathryn Meldrum
Transfer of first year mathematical learning in stem disciplinary university assessment PDF
Yoshitaka Nakakoji, Rachel Wilson, Leon Poladian
Factors affecting student motivation for STEM study PDF
Barbara C. Panther, Jennifer Mosse, Christine Bottrell
Development of mathematical pathways for VET students to articulate to related higher education courses PDF
Irene Penesis, Sue Kilpatrick, Robin Barnes, John Roddick, Bernardo León de la Barra, Shaun Belward, Karl Sammut
Using journal articles to build and assess communication skills in undergraduate mathematics PDF
Leon Poladian, Collin Zheng
Student attitudes and approaches to learning Chemistry: What influences academic success? PDF
Simon M. Pyke, Chantelle Porter-Dabrowski, Natalie M. Williamson
The maths problem ca. 2015: Reflections and directions from Life Sciences PDF
Rosanne Quinnell, Rachel Thompson, Nikola Markovina, Rebecca LeBard
A project-based, authentic classroom experience for environmental sciences PDF
Chris Rawson, Lisa Kirkendale
Will this improve my teaching? Academics mentoring female students in STEM PDF
Jackie Reid, Erica Smith, Nansiri Iamsuk, Jennifer Miller, Janelle Wilkes, Therese McGuren
That’s not how I interpret it! Supporting stem academics as they develop and apply a shared meaning of quantitative skills PDF
Jackie Reid, Janelle Wilkes
Reconceptualising and evaluating the academic role in the sciences PDF
Pauline Ross, Hamish Coates, Philip Poronnik
Exploring Graduate Employability for Monash Science PDF
Mahbub Sarkar, Tina Overton, Chris Thompson, Gerry Rayner
Transforming assessment practice: Evidencing and benchmarking student learning outcomes in Chemistry PDF
Siegbert Schmid, Simon Bedford, Adam Bridgeman, Glennys O’Brien, Ian M. Jamie, Gwendolyn Lawrie, Samuel Priest, Simon Pyke, Madeleine Schultz, Daniel Southam
Organization and implementation of student-centred active learning in science at secondary and university levels: the Qatari experience PDF
Venkat R. Vishnumolakala, Katherine L. Bradley, Sheila Qureshi, Daniel Southam, Mauro Mocerino, David F. Treagust
Having issues with the real world? Why not try the virtual? PDF
Nirmani Wijenayake, Louise Lutze-Mann
Mathematical pathways for students articulating to Business degrees PDF
Debbie Wills, Sue Kilpatrick, Robin Barnes, Colette Rhoding, Steve Allen, Maureen Hague, B. Jones, Christopher McGimpsey
Analytical model for students’ learning with multiple representations PDF
Mihye Won, David F. Treagust, Heojeong Yoon
Investigating student preferences of online lecture recordings and lecture attendance in a large first year psychology course PDF
Alexandra Yeung, Sadhana Raju, Manjula D. Sharma
Invigorating science practicals using an inquiry orientated pedagogical tool PDF
Alexandra Yeung, Manjula D. Sharma, Scott H. Kable, Louise Sutherland, Evan Hefer
Catering for the masses PDF
Monika Zimanyi, Pam L. Megaw, Kathryn Meldrum

Ideas Exchange

Sharing experiences of computer aided assessment underpinned by computer algebra: Who uses what PDF
Greg Gamble, Grant Keady
Criterion-based assessment of statistical reasoning, thinking and literacy – early stages PDF
Sharon Gunn, Helen MacGillivray, Anthony Morphett, Jacqueline Reid
Curriculum enrichment for calculus: Mentoring and professional learning in senior secondary mathematics PDF
Christina Lang Lee, Christine Ormond
Oral assessment in science and mathematics: how, what, and why? PDF
Heather Lonsdale, Anthony Morphett, Leon Poladian
Which came first? – The facts or the concepts PDF
Susan Miller
Learning outside the classroom PDF
Ruben Phillips, Mark Marron, Tim Rankin
Opening Real Science: Engaging primary teacher education students with science and mathematics PDF
Kathy Stewart, David McKinnon

Non-refereed Papers

Using an iterative process to transform a theoretical unit PDF
Johannes Herrmann

Refereed Papers

Using the island to teach statistics though data investigations: A pilot project in Australian secondary schools PDF
James Baglin, Minh Huynh
The development and evaluation of an individualised learning tool for mathematics students with intellectual disability: IMPELS PDF
Agbon Stephen Enoma, John Malone
Teachers’ attitudes/professional standards and mathematics teaching efficacy beliefs regarding students with intellectual disability PDF
Agbon Stephen Enoma, John Malone
Students’ demographics and behaviour in a series of Australian massive open online courses (MOOCS) PDF
Paul J. Francis
Mathematics: A good predictor for success in a health science degree PDF
Gregory Hine, Ryan Anderton, Christopher Joyce
Persistent gender gaps in first-year physics assessment questions PDF
David J. Low, Kate F. Wilson
Smart girls know how to use a screwdriver PDF
Kate F. Wilson, David J. Low