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Literature and aesthetics : the journal of the Sydney Society of Literature and Aesthetics (SSLA)

Literature & Aesthetics publishes fully refereed scholarly articles on the arts from a wide range of viewpoints, as well as occasional poetry, black and white art, short stories and book reviews. The journal reflects the vigour and creativity of contemporary scholarly and artistic practice, and contains articles of interest from leading international scholars and researches in the arts and humanities. The editors welcome academic articles from authors from around the world on a wide range of topics. The journal has a scope that joins the philosophical to cultural studies. The focus is on literature, but we also philosophically examine a range of other cultural expressions. Literature & Aesthetics fills a gap in this general academic market is attested to by the very wide range of international scholars who submit their research to us.

Vol 25 (2015)

Table of Contents


Front matter PDF
Production Editor
Editor’s Introduction PDF
Carole M. Cusack
Interpreting the Lost Gospel of Mary: Feminist Reconstructions and Myth Making PDF
Sarah K. Balstrup
Shedding the Earthly Crown Imperial for a Heavenly Crown: Henry VII, Dead and Buried PDF
Sybil Jack
Beautiful Truth and Truthful Beauty: On the Cognitive Value of Art PDF
Henry Jansen
Pantheistic God-Concepts: Ancient, Contemporary, Popular, and Plausible Alternatives to Classical Theism PDF
Raphael Lataster
Investigating the Civil Religious Phenomenon in America: A Content Analysis of HBO’s The Newsroom PDF
Matthew J. McMartin
Eliot, Yeats and the Anthropologists: The Spiritual Quest of the Moderns PDF
Alexander Noel Ivan Polunin
Tourmaline and Trauma: Spiritual Leadership, Salvation, and Disillusionment in Randolph Stow’s Novel PDF
Cressida Rigney
Remembering as a Revelation Discourse: Sacred Memory Narratives in Silko’s Almanac of the Dead PDF
Asmahan Sallah
Review Essay: Jewish History in a Hostile World PDF
Norman Simms
Book reviews PDF
Reviews Editor
Back matter PDF
Production Editor

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