Telopea - a plant systematics journal

We will be publishing a Special Issue of the scientific journal TELOPEA in honour of Dr Elizabeth Brown who sadly died last year. We would like to acknowledge her contributions to systematic botany and to celebrate her achievements through her career of twenty-four years at the National Herbarium of New South Wales.

This is an invitation to those who have collaborated with Elizabeth and/or to those who wish to acknowledge her contribution to botany by submitting a manuscript to a special issue of TELOPEA.

Volumes 16 & 17

Table of Contents

Volume 16

The rare moss Acaulon schimperianum (Pottiaceae) in East Asia PDF
Dong-Ping Zhao 1-4
Two new species and a new combination in the lichen genus Pertusaria in Brazil PDF
Alan W. Archer, John Alan Elix 5-8
Typification of some species of Indigofera (Fabaceae) PDF
Peter G Wilson 9-12
Apodasmia ceramophila, a new Western Australian species of Restionaceae PDF
Barbara Gillian Briggs, Lawrence AS Johnson 13-17
Leptocarpus (Restionaceae) enlarged to include Meeboldina and Stenotalis, with new Western Australian species and subgenera PDF
Barbara Gillian Briggs 19-41
Revision of Salvia subg. Calosphace sect. Membranaceae (Lamiaceae) PDF
Jesús Guadalupe González-Gallegos 43-81
Taxonomic uncertainty of Stachytarpheta (Verbenaceae) in the Asia-Pacific and implications for invasive weed recognition and management PDF
Gregory Thomas Chandler, John O Westaway, Barry John Conn 83-87
Dendrobium georgei : A new species from southern Western Ghats, India PDF
Jose Mathew 89-92
A descriptor list for Giant Swamp Taro (Cyrtosperma merkusii) and its cultivars in the Federated States of Micronesia PDF
Shiwangni Rao, Mary Taylor, Anjeela Jokhan 95-117
Two new lichens from Mount Canobolas, New South Wales PDF
Patrick M McCarthy, John A Elix 119-125
Phebalium verrucosum (Rutaceae: Boronieae), new status for a taxon excluded from P. squamulosum on morphological and phytochemical evidence PDF
Ian Telford, Jeremy Bruhl 127-132
New species of Pertusaria from China PDF
Qiang Ren 133-140
New species and new records of the lichen genus Cratiria (Physciaceae, Ascomycota) in Australia PDF
John A. Elix 141-148
Molecular data support Orianthera: a new genus of Australian Loganiaceae PDF
Charles Foster, Barry John Conn, Murray J Henwood, Simon Ho 149-158
Three new records of aspicilioid lichens to China PDF
Xuejiao Hou, Shuxia Li, Qiang Ren 159-163
Thismia megalongensis (Thismiaceae), A new species of Thismia from New South Wales PDF
Colin Andrew Hunt, Greg Steenbeeke, Vincent Merckx 165-174
Chevalier de la Camara (1829–1884), first Spanish botanist in Australia PDF
David Meagher 175-183
Why biodiversity has so many enemies PDF
Andrew James Beattie 185-193
The lichen genus Rhizocarpon in mainland Australia PDF
Patrick McCarthy, John Elix 195-211
A rare species of Calanthe R.Br. recorded for the first time from India PDF
Ramesh Kumar, Avishek Bhattacharjee, Sushil Kumar Singh, Sachin Sharma 213-217

Volume 17 (Elizabeth Brown Special Issue)

Elizabeth Anne Brown 15 November 1956 – 17 November 2013 PDF
Louisa J. Murray, Barry J. Conn 1-10
A new species in the lichen genus Pertusaria from Brazil PDF
Alan W. Archer, John Alan Elix 11-13
Floral fraudulence: Do blue Thelymitra species (Orchidaceae) mimic Orthrosanthus laxus (Iridaceae)? PDF
Retha Marie Edens-Meier, Robert A Raguso, Eric Westhus, Peter Bernhardt 15-28
Desmocladus (Restionaceae) enlarged to include the Western Australian Harperia, Kulinia and Onychosepalum PDF
Barbara Gillian Briggs 29-33
New and noteworthy moss records for Turkey and Southwest Asia PDF
Turan Özdemir, Nevzat Batan 35-42
The dispersal of Allan Cunningham's botanical collections PDF
Anthony Orchard 43-86
In-vitro developmental studies of Cheilanthes farinosa (Forssk.) Kaulf. (Pteridaceae) PDF
Ruchi Srivastava, Prem Lal Uniyal 87-91
Elizabeth A. Brown, a splendid tour guide, friendly companion and excellent collector PDF
Tamás Pócs 93-97
A new species of Camellia section Dalatia (Theaceae) from Vietnam PDF
George Orel, Anthony Stephen Curry 99-105
Radula subg. Radula in Australasia and the Pacific (Jungermanniopsida) PDF
Matt Renner 107-167
Ocimum L. (Lamiaceae) in Australia and Papua New Guinea PDF
Barry John Conn 169-181
Additions to the liverwort flora of the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand Botanical Region PDF
John Braggins, Matt Renner, Peter de Lange 183-194
The little known Indian connection of the Thailand moss flora, with one new species, Fissidens elizbrowniae PDF
Narin Printarakul, Benito C Tan, Kanjana Wongkuna-Thananoppakun, Kanya Santanachote 195-215
Hydrocotyle rivularis: a new trifoliate species from south-eastern Australia PDF
Murray J Henwood 217-221
New moss records for Taiwan PDF
James R Shevock, Jia-Dong Yang, Benito C Tan 223-228
Riccardia elisabethae, a new species of Aneuraceae (Marchantiophyta) from New Caledonia. PDF
Louis Thouvenot, Catherine Reeb 229-232
Clastobryophilum (Bryophyta: Sematophyllaceae) new to the Australian flora PDF
Andi Cairns, David Meagher 233-237
Some new and noteworthy bryophytes from Antarctic Beech (Nothofagus moorei) forests of north-eastern New South Wales PDF
Alison Downing, Ross Peacock, Helen Ramsay 239-250
The genus Acromastigum in Australia PDF
Elizabeth Brown, Matt Renner 251-293
Entodontopsis (Bryophyta: Stereophyllaceae) new to the Australian flora PDF
David Meagher, Cairns Andi 295-301
Algal communities in phytotelmata: A comparison of native Collospermum and exotic bromeliads (Monocotyledonae) in New Zealand PDF
Sarah A. Killick, Dan J. Blanchon, Mark Frederick Large 303-310
Studies in the liverwort family Metzgeriaceae (Metzgeriales) from southern Africa. 2. The African species PDF
Nonkululo Phephu, Jacques van Rooy 311-318
Typification of some names in Epacridoideae (Ericaceae) PDF
Darren Michael Crayn, Kathleen Kron, Benjamin Potter 319-321
A major range extension of Blindia robusta (Seligeriaceae, Bryophyta) PDF
Halina Krystyna Bednarek-Ochyra 323-328
A new combination in Torrentaria (Brachytheciaceae, Bryophyta), with new records of T. muelleri in Australia PDF
Ryszard Ochyra, Halina Bednarek-Ochyra 329-330
Dicranella hookeri (Dicranaceae, Bryophyta) in northern Argentina PDF
Ryszard Ochyra, Halina Bednarek-Ochyra 331-335
New Bryophyte Records from Turkey and Southwest Asia PDF PDF
Nevzat BATAN, Osman Özcan, Turan Özdemir 337-346
Two rare new species of Isotropis (Fabaceae: Faboideae: Mirbelieae) from tropical northern Australia PDF
Peter Jobson 347-354
The first ptychanthoid Lejeuneaceae in Miocene Mexican amber PDF
Armin Scheben, Alexander R Schmidt, Alfons Shäfer-Verwimp, Mónica M. Solórzano Kraemer, Jochen Heinrichs 355-361
The Australasian genus Schizacme (Loganiaceae): new combinations and new species in the New Zealand flora PDF
Kerry Lynne Gibbons, Barry John Conn, Murray James Henwood 363-381
Overlapping fern and Bryophyte hotspots: Assessing ferns as a predictor of Bryophyte diversity PDF
Nathalie S Nagalingum, Nunzio Knerr, Brent D Mishler, D Christine Cargill 383-392
Seven new records of mosses in Iran PDF
Saeed Shirzadian, Samaneh Akhoondi Darzikolaei, Prem Lal Uniyal 393-401
Unlocking collections: New records of Lepidoziaceae (Marchantiophyta) for the islands of Fiji PDF
Matt von Konrat, John Engel, Mereia Katafono, Lars Söderström, Endymion Cooper, Charles DeLavoi, Anders Hagborg, Matt Renner, Laura Briscoe, Tamás Pócs, John Braggins, Senilolia Tuiwawa, Alifereti Naikatini, Marika Tuiwawa 403-412
Prostanthera elisabethae (Lamiaceae, tribe Westringieae), a new species from northern New South Wales, Australia PDF
Barry John Conn, Trevor C Wilson 413-418

ISSN: 2200-4025