EU-China trade and investment relations and Covid-19: old struggles or new challenges?



The article investigates EU-China trade and investment relations, highlighting the importance of their
partnership for the global economy. The article argues that Covid-19 is an accelerating factor of
existing trends, analysing EU-China relations as empirical evidence. It will address the institutional
and legal framework of EU-China trade and investment relations. The article will use primary and
secondary sources to inform the research. It will benefit from an interdisciplinary approach,
combining both legal and political literatures. The analysis is based on EU-China trade and investment
relations, as reported by EU’s official documents and is divided into three main sections. The first
section gives an overview of economic interactions between EU-China. The second section provides an
analysis of the main documents between the EU and China before the pandemic. The third section is
dedicated to showing how the relations between the two actors continued during Covid-19 pandemic


Covid-19, EU-China relations, investment, trade

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