The EU’s Eastern enlargement as an opportunity for increasing trade and socio-economic relations between the EU and New Zealand



After the signing of the New Zealand - China Free trade agreement in 2008, New Zealand’s trade with
the EU has seen less substantial growth. From being the second largest partner, the EU has become
New Zealand’s third largest trading partner, behind China and Australia. Moreover, the recent
departure of the UK from the EU threatens to further downgrade the importance of the EU as New
Zealand’s trade partner and its relevance in terms of tourist origin to New Zealand. On the other hand,
although still marginal, New Zealand’s trade and tourist relations with the new EU member states
from Central and Eastern Europe have seen a remarkable expansion. Focussing on the examination
of current trends in the volume of trade and tourist exchange between New Zealand and this group of
states, this paper assesses their importance for New Zealand - EU relations and prospects for their
further expansion.


EU Enlargement, Central and Eastern Europe, New Zealand, trade and socio-economic relations

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