A New Form of Understanding Maps: Multiple Representations with Pirie and Kieren Model of Understanding

Nurgul Duzenli Gokalp, Safure Bulut


The purpose of this study was to improve the mapping feature of the Pirie and Kieren model in the light of the use of multiple representations, to increase depicting power of the maps produced. As one of the qualitative research methods, case study design was used. This study was conducted with a sixth grade student at a public primary school in Turkey. Activity sheets, self-evaluation forms, and journals were used to collect data in addition to the semi-structured interview. The data collected from the interview were used to depict understanding maps of the student. The data from activity sheets, student journals, observations, and self-evaluation forms were used to strengthen the findings from the interview. This study showed that there was a relationship between the students’ preference on the use of different type of representations and attained understanding level of multiplication of fractions. Moreover, it was seen that there was a relationship between question type and the students’ use of representations.

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