In the digital age, physical learning materials still have their own space in education.

Saher F. Ali, Mark A. Schier


Swinburne University of Technology (SUT) has a large student cohort undertaking anatomy and physiology as part of their core curriculum. Large student cohorts (> 300) impact on the quality and amount of feedback students receive. Teaching and learning materials for students are generally necessary as part of the learning process, and also assist the instructor. This study evaluated whether the introduction of a student laboratory manual enhances student learning and the feedback they receive in the unit of Anatomy and Physiology. It also evaluated the addition of a teaching guide in the teaching experience of tutors in the unit. Anonymous online student and tutor surveys were conducted. Questions regarding the content, presentation and educational value were included in the survey. Students overwhelmingly responded positively to the student laboratory manual. They also believed the amount and quality of feedback received during the unit from their tutor was beneficial to their learning. Students also reported that having a hard copy of their laboratory manual enhanced their learning experience. Therefore, in conclusion the student laboratory manual is a positive introduction into the curriculum of anatomy and physiology. It also identifies potential areas of improvement for the anatomy and physiology curriculum.

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