The effects of a competency-based reform on the development of problem-solving competency in science and technology using a computer simulation and on general attitudes toward science and technology

Patrice Potvin, Jean-Guillaume Dumont, François Boucher-Genesse, Martin Riopel


Many recent educational reforms around the world, including reforms in science and technology programs, are competency-based. However, very few research initiatives have tried to assess the effects of such programs on learning and interest. This article describes a research that studied the evolution of both by comparing the performances and perceptions of students in science before and after the implementation of Quebec’s competency-based reform. A simulation game was designed and used to evaluate students’ problem-solving competency in science and technology, and a questionnaire was used to study interest variables. Results show significant but modest improvement of the problem-solving competency as well as improvements in interest toward science and technology.

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