Interactive electronic lectures on genes and chromosomes

Darren Griffin, Julia Stephenson


Brunel University is proud to present computer-based courseware implanted in an interactive virtual learning environment (VLE) in the chromosomal aspects of genetics. This courseware can be used either as a revision aid (supporting previously delivered didactic lectures) or as a means of primary delivery of courseware (which can then be supported by seminars). In our experience, some students prefer the latter approach as it allows them to learn the material in their own time, at their own pace, using their own learning processes and in a place of their own choosing. In this way the students learn the material using their computer terminals and are supported with face-to-face seminars in which any problems, directions for further reading and examination technique can be addressed. A further bonus to this approach is that tutors occasionally report that, although they are spending less time talking at the students, the time they do spend is more quality time and more enjoyable as a result.

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