Interactive teaching and learning platform in Energy Technology

Marianne Salomón, Torsten Fransson, Vitali Fedulov


The 20th century has been rich in terms of innovation processes in information technology. However, there is one place that has not been strongly affected by information technology: the classroom. Peculiarly, teaching methods have hardly changed over the last hundred years. In this context, the Division of Heat and Power Technology at the Royal Institute
of Technology started to develop Computerized Education Platform (CompEduHPT), an interactive learning platform which sets a new standard for elearning of energy technology in a global life-long learning perspective (Figure 1). The main objective of the platform is to enhance the learning by providing to the students and teachers the necessary multimedia tools. This has been done through the use of a platform in which the information has been collected, processed and presented in a pedagogical way using several multimedia advantages.

The program is intended as a platform for an international collaboration on learning energy technology. It can be used both in the classroom as well as for self-studies and is as such well adapted for both university and post-university learning, both on and off campus. Tools to facilitate the introduction of new material exist.

It is thus hoped that teachers at different universities can join forces and in a non-competitive way by introducing
material which can be shared, instead of developing similar simulations with somewhat different interfaces.

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