Accessing Maths and Stats By Other Means

E A Draffan


Historically, it has been the work of talented individuals to produce solutions for those with a variety of disabilities who are working and studying in the field of Mathematics and Statistics. Reading graphs from a screen or paper when blind is a challenge, and coping with complex statistics causes many dyslexic students to blanch. However, there are ways of managing independently and it is often through the use of assistive technology that problems are solved and equal access is maintained.

The Technology for Disabilities Information Service (TechDis) (, has a role to play in enhancing access to this technology by working closely with existing groups in both Higher and Further Education to provide relevant materials for the teaching and learning community; the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) provide the TechDis Service, and TechDis will work closely with other JISC services. TechDis will also interact with other bodies, including the Learning and Teaching Support Network (LTSN), with whom TechDis is co-located in York. This article is part of the ongoing process to address the practicalities of making Mathematics accessible through the use of assistive technology, and will contain links to further information.

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