Dysphonia - Illustrating a Nationwide Initiative to Provide Students with High Quality e-Learning Resources

Leif Åkerlund, Anna-Lena Hulting, Göran Petersson


Dysphonia is one of 16 e-learning projects coordinated and supported by the MedCal committee of the Council for Renewal of Higher Education. The application as such is a multimedia program about voice disorders and comprises a collection of patients suffering from hoarseness, which the user can explore in an interactive manner. The greatest benefits can be reaped by being able to integrate sound (voice) with images, video clips and descriptive text of various pathological conditions. Voice acoustic analysis is also provided. Each diagnosis is explicitly accounted for in classic textbook style. Descriptions of examination techniques, therapeutic sessions, and surgical interventions are included. The material can be accessed in multiple ways and supports explorative learning. The Dysphonia project is the product of a network of collaborators of various expertise supported by a nationwide initiative.

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