UKESCC Earth Science Courseware Goes on the Web

W. T. C. Sowerbutts


During the last six years, courseware developed by the UK Earth Science Courseware Consortium (UKESCC) has been distributed in application style format to institutions and individuals in over 40 different countries4,5,7-9. The last of the scheduled 21 Earth Science courseware modules was completed in 1999. Since that time, further development of the software has focused on providing easier access to the large amount of material available. This has been achieved by adding a front-page with entry points to all the modules, and by adding indexes.

The latest development, designed both to aid access and to help tutors integrate this resource into their teaching, has been the conversion of the original stand-alone application style version into a Web version.

This article outlines these recent developments, describes how the courseware content extends into subject areas beyond the confines of geology, and outlines the range of educational levels of its users.

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