Are We Providing Resources That Stimulate Engagement, Active Learning and Academic Achievement? A Case Study of On–campus Nursing Students.

Nicole B. Reinke


Pathophysiology and pharmacology subjects are keystone to the pre-registration Bachelor of Nursing Science degree at James Cook University. These disciplines are typically considered by nursing students to be difficult to understand, and academic achievement in these subjects is often lower than in other subjects within the Bachelor of Nursing Science program. On-campus and off–campus students are provided with a range of resources to aid learning. The purpose of this study was to investigate the engagement of on–campus students with the resources provided for learning pathophysiology and pharmacology, to determine which resources promoted active learning, and to use this information for comparison with the responses of the off–campus cohort. Students were invited to complete a questionnaire which collected information about student demographics, interactions with learning resources, and subject grades. On–campus and off–campus cohorts reported different patterns of engagement with learning resources, however both the total amount of engagement and the total amount of active learning, showed positive relationships with academic achievement. Delivery of key pathophysiology and pharmacology concepts through formats in which students engage with more often and more actively may be strategic in promoting academic achievement and enjoyment in learning pathophysiology and pharmacology.

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