Integrating ICT and Learning Study in Teaching Conversion of Travel Graphs

Hjh Siti Hasara Hj Matussin, Nor Azura Abdullah, Masitah Shahrill


This study reports on the use of ICT in Cycle Three of a Learning Study. The purpose is to enhance students’ understanding on the topic Conversion of Travel Graphs with the integration of ICT in Learning Study and to shift teachers away from the traditional methods of teaching to a more systematic and meaningful learning through the work of collaboration between colleagues. The research lessons, the tests and the rubric were all planned with the collaboration of teachers involved in this Learning Study. A class of Year 9 students in one secondary school in Brunei Darussalam participated in the intervention and sat for both pre-test and post-test. Analysis of the scores, comparing the results, observations of research lessons and student interview were among the methods used in this study. From the analyses, it was found that the integration of ICT in Learning Study had an impact to the students’ performance. Misconceptions were identified and they are ‘Common problems’, ‘Coordinates confusion’, ‘Formula dependency’, ‘Gradient-Area confusion’, ‘Keywords misinterpretation’ and ‘Misleading graphical feature’. Teachers had given positive views on Learning Study. The integration of ICT in Learning Study was also seen as a possible pedagogical tool in teaching.

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