From the Editor-in-Chief

Kichu Nair


Welcome to the 3rd Volume, 1st Issue of Health Education in Practice: Journal of Research for Professional Learning


This is my first editorial.  Let me thank David Schmidt for keeping everything in order and working beyond his call of duty in these difficult times. I do hope he will continue to work with us and bring in his corporate memory to provide ongoing support and leadership to the Journal. I would also like to thank Mark Parton who has provided his expertise in a copyediting capacity and has been critical to the behind the scenes work of the journal.


This issue reflects the philosophy of HETI – Interprofessional care and education.


The first paper by Simon Holliday and colleagues is about prescribing for chronic pain which is a major issue in our community. They have shown how to provide a multifaceted pain management program and how the General Practitioners can be upskilled. Triage nurses have to be efficient and effective in running our emergency rooms. Thawley and colleagues have done a survey of educational needs of triage nurses and have come up with some interesting suggestions to improve patient safety and outcomes. For optimum patient care, we need allied health professionals who are fit to practice. Farlie and colleagues have explored strategies for this. Simulation training is the way we prepare students for the future in many curricula. Ryall et al explore MASK-ED for physiotherapy students to make simulation more authentic. We look forward to their next paper on this protocol.



I do hope in these challenging times, you are all keeping well, both physically and mentally

As somebody said, ask your colleagues, what matters to you and not what is the matter with you. We are all together, in this difficult COVID times.

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