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Seminars (Abstracts) Academia and the Expansive British Nation Abstract
Tamson Pietsch
Seminars (Abstracts) Accommodating the Faithful? Religion at the University of Sydney since 1850 Abstract
Geoffrey Sherington
Seminars (Abstracts) A Grand Performance: Examining the Significance of the Music Festival Held in Sydney University’s Great Hall in 1859 Abstract
Anne Coote
Seminars (Abstracts) An Island of Democracy in a Sea of Hierarchy: Participatory Democracy at the University of Sydney, 1973-1979 Abstract
Lewis d’Avigdor
Seminars (Abstracts) ‘Being a College Man’: Sport and the Male Colleges at the University of Sydney 1850-1950 Abstract
Geoffrey Sherington
Special events University Philanthropy and Public Enterprise — what history tells us about why benefactors like universities Abstract
Seminars (Abstracts) Dogs, Disobedience and Disruption: St Paul’s College 1868-91 Abstract
Alan Atkinson
Seminars (Abstracts) Faith in Crisis: Christian Students in Peace and War Abstract
Meredith Lake
Special events Introduction : University Philanthropy and Public Enterprise—what history tells us about why benefactors like universities Details   mp3
Julia Horne
Seminars (Abstracts) Rus in Urbe: The Country Student at the Nineteenth-Century University Abstract
Ian Jack
Special events J. W. Power’s vision ‘…to bring the people of Australia in more direct touch with the latest art’ Details   mp3
Ann Stephen
Special events Learning, Piety, Patriarchy, Nostalgia: why men and women gave money to St Paul’s College Details   Mp3
Alan Atkinson
Seminars (Abstracts) Leslie Wilkinson’s Masterplan for the University of Sydney Abstract
Hector Abrahams
Seminars (Abstracts) Making Historical Sense of Student Life: Some Possibilities Abstract
Alan Atkinson
Seminars (Abstracts) Philanthropy Sydney-Style Abstract
Julia Horne
Special events Questions and Answers Details   mp3
Seminars (Abstracts) Records of University Life: The University of Sydney Archives and the Macleay Museum Abstract
Julia Mant & Jan Brazier
Special events Samuel McCaughey’s gift to the nation Details   mp3
Julia Horne
Seminars (Abstracts) Sydney Medical Alumni and Students and the Great War Abstract
Paul Lancaster
Seminars (Abstracts) The Carnegie Corporation and the Modern Australian University Abstract   mp3
Julia Horne
Seminars (Abstracts) The Ripples Before the (New) Wave: SUDS, Players and the College Dramatic Societies at the University of Sydney, 1957-61 Abstract
Laura Ginters
Seminars (Abstracts) ‘These embryo teachers’: Forming and Contesting the ‘Woman Teacher’ at Sydney Teachers’ College Abstract
Alex Robinson
Seminars (Abstracts) The Students of the First Twenty Years, St John’s College Abstract
Perry McIntyre
Seminars (Abstracts) The Sydney Philosophy Strike and the Ownership of Knowledge Abstract
Hannah Forsyth
Seminars (Abstracts) The University of Sydney and the Idea of the Networked University Abstract
Mark Hutchinson
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