The Impacts of International Training Program in Pedagogy in Higher Education in the United States on Visiting Scholars in China

Yuliang Liu, Mary Weishaar, Huaibo Xin, Gretchen Fricke, Tom Lavallee


The longitudinal study was designed to investigate the impacts of International Training Program in Pedagogy (ITPP) at a midwestern institution in the US on the visiting scholars in seven cohorts from China in 2012–18. The study used the cohort survey research design method. The first part of the data was collected from 48 visiting scholars from Northwest Normal University in China who participated in the seven ITPP cohorts. Quantitative and qualitative data were collected through several surveys from the beginning to the end of the training in each cohort from August to December each year in 2012-2018. In addition, a recent online impact survey was used to collect up-to-date data from the scholars in September 2020. The results of the quantitative and qualitative surveys revealed similar findings. It was found that the ITPP had significantly influenced all scholars. They had learned the American college teaching pedagogy in the US and exhibited different attitudes towards instruction and related practices in China. International implications result from the study.


international training program in pedagogy

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