Lessons from engaging sports role models and stakeholders in the promotion of literacy among school children in Suva, Fiji

Jeremy Dorovolomo, Loriza Zinnie Rafiq


This paper draws lessons from the Read like a Champion (RLAC) program implemented in Suva, Fiji, which engaged elite sporting individuals in literacy activities at schools. A qualitative case-oriented study was utilized, drawing on Esser and Vliegenthart’s (2017) practical steps in analyzing comparative data to consider lessons from RLAC in comparison with available literature on lessons from similar programs. The analysis is inductive in nature, and we arrived at four lessons that are presented as analogical representations. The first finding is that literacy development among school children needs creative and innovative ideas. The second is that these innovative ideas are delivered in context and become situated practice. The third lesson is that literacy development among children requires genuine partnerships with stakeholders in society, and, fourth, that literacy skills could be enhanced through involving role models.


Fiji; RLAC program; Literacy; Sports role models; school-university partnerships; reading promotion

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