International Education Journal, 6 (5) 2005

Various authors, IEJ


Volume 6 Number 5 December 2005


Teacher-child relationships in Turkish and United States schools: A cross-cultural study
Beyazkurk, D. and Kesner, J.E.


An examination of two case studies used in building a decision-making model
Lindgren-Gatfield, R. and Hyde, M.


Language difficulties of international students in Australia: The effects of prior learning experience
Sawir, E.


The children's peace project: Service-learning and art education
Taylor, P.G.


Public-private partnership in a minimally invasive education approach
Jha, S. and Chatterjee, S.


Prevalence of peer victimisation among secondary school students in Nigeria
Popoola, B.I.


Classroom interaction in private schools serving low-income families in Hyderabad, India
Smith, F., Hardman, F. and Tooley, J.


Lecturers' perception of student evaluation in Nigerian universities
Iyamu, E.O.S. and Aduwa-Oglebaen, S.E.


Primary education in Vietnam: Extra classes and outcomes
Ha, T.T. and Harpham, T.


The impact of ICT on learning: A review of research
Eng, T.S.



ICT in Schools - or How ICT Can Create New, Open Learning Environments


The Untested Accusation: Principals, Research Knowledge, and Policy Making in Schools
Tenri, S.

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