Mathematics Discipline Day

Deborah King, Nazim Khan, Cristina Varsavsky


As every year, this will be a very good opportunity to network with mathematics colleagues from across the country.
There are several challenges faced by those responsible for teaching mathematics and statistics at undergraduate level. How should we teach mathematics and statistics in the technology rich environment we operate today? How do we better engage students through teaching and learning, and through assessment? Are our graduates equipped with the skills and knowledge required to navigate the world of work? How do we know? How do we inform students about the vast array of jobs that studying maths and stats will open them to? Even if this is not their main game, how will maths and stats give them an edge?
Come to the Mathematics Discipline Day workshop to discuss these and other questions that are keeping you awake at night. It will be a great opportunity to exchange approaches you have tried or have seen working elsewhere. If you would like to put a particular issue on the agenda, do not hesitate to contact the workshop leaders.

This session will run for 2 hours.


Mathematics, discipline day

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