Preparing future graduates to become lifelong, expert learners: lessons and considerations from a blended engineering mathematics unit

Iwona Czaplinski, Dann Mallet


We present an investigation of the uptake of opportunities for learning provided by a specific component (pre-lecture videos) of a blended learning model. The model, presented in previous work of the authors, was implemented to improve students’ content and learning expertise in a foundation engineering mathematics subject. The ultimate goal of the model was to support future graduates becoming lifelong expert learners, facilitating their success in later studies in and after their degree. In particular, we investigated to what extent did the cohort take the opportunity to develop their expert learning skills as evidenced by pre-lecture video viewing, and what was the relationship between the identified behaviour and learners’ progression and achievement. We present findings based on an analysis of data sourced from the unit website and propose further questions for future research.


blended learning, lifelong learning, expert learner, engineering, mathematics, video

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