ASELL: Use our inquiry slider to --- Slide into inquiry

Manjula D. Sharma, Tom Gordon, Vicky Tzioumis, Alexandra Yeung


ASELL Schools has designed and successfully implemented an inquiry slider – a pedagogical tool for understanding, implementing and reflecting on inquiry in schools. In this workshop, you will carry out an investigation and grapple with issues related to implementing inquiry. Questions such as the following will be discussed:

What does it mean to do inquiry-based investigations?
Are there different understandings of inquiry? What are they?
Do all investigations need to be largely inquiry?
How do we map how much inquiry we have in our curriculum?
How do we scaffold student understandings of inquiry?
How do we let go of recipe-based investigations?

Proceedings of the Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education, The University of Queensland, Sept 28th to 30th, 2016, page X, ISBN Number 978-0-9871834-4-6.


inquiry-based learning, science investigations

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