The transition of a subject from face-to-face to on-line delivery: the challenges

Hayley E. Bugeja, Dawn Gleeson


The subject ‘Genetics in the Media’ is a first-year level subject that involves critical evaluation, by science and non-science students alike, of the portrayal of genetics concepts via the mainstream media. Prior to 2016, this subject drew on different teaching resources, including: scientific-based lectures, which provided students with suitable background on genetics concepts; guest lectures from experts in the media, judicial system and scientific communicators; and discussion around different media excerpts, such as newspaper articles, blogs, movies and televised news. With the support of a Learning and Teaching Initiative grant this subject was converted to principally on-line delivery in 2016 to provide flexibility for both on and off-campus student cohorts. This workshop will discuss the challenges faced in the implementation of accredited on-line subjects and encourage insights and discussion from participants with respect to student engagement, timeliness of completing tasks, assessment, presentation of the on-line materials and other factors associated with on-line and blended learning environments.


on-line learning, engagement

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