What’s your story? Positioning yourself and your students for the future

Jackie Randles


Have you got a compelling story that describes what you do and why it matters? Do your students understand how their studies today can equip them for a wide range of future careers, including in business and technology as well as in teaching and research? There’s a very public story in the spotlight right now about maths and science that focuses on Australia’s skills shortage. A worrying underperformance in international benchmarks has prompted the Australian Government to invest in its Ideas Boom campaign. Businesses of all kinds are joining a national call to action to boost STEM capability. But what are the issues for those at the coalface? To inspire the next generation of STEM graduates, and as maths and science educators, you should be part of the national conversation. Develop a personal story that positions you as a valued professional and savvy mentor. Tailor your own elevator pitch and tap into channels that will help raise your profile as a respected educator. Encourage your students to do the same by participating in programs that will help them develop their own science communication skills.

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