Transitioning from Law to STEM

Chanel Tattler


Initially I was on track to become a lawyer. I had just completed my Graduate Diploma of Laws, when I decided to do a bachelor’s degree with a major in Computational Data Science. Given my arts and humanities background, I had little experience in STEM and was apprehensive about well I would do and whether I would feel out of place with my peers. But this has not been the case at all. My learning experiences in STEM put me at ease as the lecturers are engaging and accessible, and the tutors are proactive and supportive. I have even had an opportunity to speak directly to the head of school about my ideas on how the program could be improved. Participating in additional STEM events such as the Sydney Data Stories program and networking events allows me to transfer my knowledge from the classroom to everyday careers. Studying STEM at university makes me feel like I’m not just a number coming to class to tick boxes and complete my degree, but part of a vibrant, innovative community.


Law, STEM, Transition

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