Linda A. Galligan, Alice Brown, Petrea Redmond, Suzanne Maloney, Joanna Turner, Jill Lawrence, Marita Basson


Motivated by the need to improve students’ engagement and learning outcomes, in 2018/2019 we implemented two engagement interventions to 1650 students in twelve online courses across Science, Education, Engineering and Accounting at a regional university. Both “click” data and video analytics were used to measure engagement. The first initiative applied findings from behavioural research to ‘nudge’ students toward early engagement with key learning resources and to create ‘teaching presence’ (Garrison, 2007). The second initiative was to help move ‘knowledge’ to ‘know-how’ by nudging videos to offer a sense of real-life expertise, application, motivation and advanced connection.

We aimed to improve student learning outcomes and their online engagement by providing explicit guidance about which course resources were critical for students’ success. We were interested in interrogating the data in both learning management systems (Moodle®) and Video analytics (Vimeo®) to answer questions about learner engagement and to explore evidence of impact.

The nudges successfully engaged students in the key online resources showing an 18% average increase in access and confirmed via student feedback. The project developed a Nudge Guidelines document that has been presented institutionally and nationally to enable academics to utilise the strategies in their courses.


engagement, online learning, nudging, data analytics

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