Integrated Case-based Applied Pathology (ICAP): a model for learning and teaching of Veterinary Pathology

Katrina Bosward, Gerard Marcus, Federico Costa, Mark Krockenberger


The Faculty of Veterinary Science, through its Teaching Innovations Unit, has made a significant effort to incorporate enquiry-based learning into veterinary science teaching. This has often involved judicious use of e-learning capabilities. This application shows innovation occurring over four years (2002-2005) with ongoing enhancements made annually to both online and face to face aspects of the Veterinary Pathology unit of study and demonstrates the impact on student learning. The innovation, called Integrated Case-based Applied Pathology (ICAP), is delivered in semester five of the veterinary science undergraduate curriculum at the University of Sydney. A key feature of this innovation is that its sustainable development has provided a conceptual framework for e-learning and blended learning throughout the Veterinary Science and Animal and Veterinary Bioscience curricula.

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