Teaching Technology Using Educational Robotics

Andrew Chiou


The interest in mathematics, science and technology based courses at both pre-university and tertiary levels have been steadily declining over the past number of years. This is particularly felt in regional areas such as Rockhampton, Queensland (Chiou 2004). To overcome this problem, different strategies have been employed to regain popularity in these areas of studies. Many schemes have been undertaken to implement these strategies. One of more successful and promising strategies attempted by Central Queensland University (CQU) is the utilisation of robotics as an educational tool. However, its implementation cannot be haphazard lest the interest in robotics will quickly diminish as its novelty wears off. Hence, long term planning is required in order to maximise the potential of educational robotics. At the same time, educational robotics should be implemented with great caution as not to cause a reverse effect where it may inadvertently detract students from traditionally based mathematics and science subjects. This paper describes such a project carried out at CQU.

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