A web-based resource for radiation safety courses

R. D. Metcalfe, James Goldston, J. Meyer, L. Power


CQU runs regular courses for intending Radiation Safety Officers from a variety of industry sectors. Participants have varying levels of prior knowledge to bring to the intensive three day program. To cater for those students whose prior knowledge of radiation physics is weak the print-based media for the course have been converted into a CD-ROM incorporating animations, worked examples, progress checks and self-assessment items. This allows the students who need extra study time on the basic physics concepts to cover as much as possible of the material before commencement of the course. The first course sessions can then concentrate on students’ individual problems and the required program content. This approach also allows the student with strong prior learning to submit an assessment test and be awarded a partial course exemption.

Although the material selection is specifically for Radiation Safety training the CD-ROM has also been used in bridging courses, as reinforcement for first year students, and within our Engineering Technology Instrumentation program. The number of students who have used the CD-ROM is not statistically significant but student feedback on the material is very positive.

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