WebMC: A Web-based Multiple Choice Assessment System

James R. Dalziel, Scott Gazzard


This paper describes the development and evaluation of WebMC, a web-based multiple choice assessment. By using the web as the basis of this system, no paper resources are required, and students may use WebMC from any location with access to the Internet, such as classrooms, libraries, home and work. By using the advantages of web-based computer programming, the system is interactive (using cgi scripts) and platform-independent (i.e. it will run on any computer with web access regardless of operating system, such as PC, Macs and Unix-based systems). These advantages of the web have already been utilised for “Web-based tutorials” (Gazzard & Dalziel, 1997), but can also be used in assessment. The system was designed in such a way that students received immediate feedback on whether they answered each question correctly or incorrectly, and information regarding why each question option was correct or incorrect. Further, at the end of each initial feedback screen, a “more information” link was provided, which allowed students to go to a further feedback screen which presented a general discussion of the question and the topic area to which the question was related. Students would then proceed to the next question from either of these feedback screens.

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