Thermal Physics Resources on the Web

Pal Fekete, Brian McInnes, Paul Walker


In 1995 Dr Fekete was employed by McInnes and Walker as part of a CAUT project, “Diagnostic Tools for Concept Development”, to develop a practical and accessible database of resources that would encourage deep learning through interactive teaching in large class environments to be used in a first year lecture course on Thermal Physics. The web was chosen ( as the preferred choice of delivery as it was the most suitable medium to disseminate information to a large international body of academics. The material was specifically designed for large lecture theatre environments and included:
• information on how to use demonstrations interactively;
• a bank of questions designed to promote deeper conceptual understanding;
• references to research literature; and
• information on CD, video and film resources.
A previous discussion of this work and the database can be found in an earlier UniServe Science article “Interactive Teaching Resources for Thermal Physics Available on the Web”, UniServe Science News, Vol. 8, November 1997.

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