Metabolism with Flexibility

Marie-Paule Van Damme, Kaye Trembath


Biochemistry is a very broad and complex discipline, knowledge of which requires the ability to integrate a wide range of concepts. It is a challenge to teach students, especially in large classes, how to acquire this skill. This can be partly overcome using Computer Aided Programs which provide a highly flexible way to deliver difficult material and enable students to learn at their own pace, in their own time.

We have therefore developed a CD-ROM entitled Biochemistry – A Metabolic Challenge for teaching the principles of metabolism to a variety of university undergraduates including science, biomedical and medical students.

The package forms the basis of a non-traditional and very flexible approach to the acquisition and development of learning skills; it is used as the focus for both Problem-Based Learning exercises and case study related Self-Directed Learning, as well as being a resource for information, revision and self assessment. In a teaching sense, the package is utilised in different ways depending on the background knowledge of the students, the objectives of the particular course and the size of the class.

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