The Application of Dazzler 5 for the Development of Interactive Tutorials in Biomechanics by the School of Physiotherapy (University of South Australia)

Kevin Meehan


In 1998 the School of Physiotherapy was awarded a University Innovative Teaching and Learning grant to produce interactive tutorials in Biomechanics for web-based and CD-ROM delivery. The aims of the project are:
• to develop a teaching resource that will be used as core material by undergraduate Physiotherapy and Podiatry students and as update material by postgraduate students;
• to develop four on-line interactive tutorials in the subject Applied Biomechanics designed to enable students to check their knowledge of material presented in the lecture program;
• to provide a flexible learning environment enabling students to progress at their own pace; and
• to complement the web-based material with a CD-ROM containing high quality animated graphics, photographs and video clips providing a clear description of the three-dimnsional motion and functional anatomy of the chosen content.

The project entails translation of previously developed CD-ROM based tutorials (Lumbar Spine, Pronation and Supination of the foot, Normal Gait) into a format suitable for on-line delivery and the development of a new tutorial on the Biomechanics of the Hip and Pelvis region.

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