Motivating students and improving engagement in biology units using online QS modules

Leon Poladian, Cenk Suphioglu, Vilma Simbag, Shaun Belward, Yvonne Hodgson, Prasad Chunduri, Lesley Lluka, Jenny Di Trapani, Dianne Watters, Carmel Coady, Jo-Anne Chuck, Juiie Markham


MathBench biology modules represent one example of how biology educators can incorporate materials to improve quantitative skills and reasoning into introductory courses. The MathBench- Australia project not only aims to ensure that the science and the maths content of MathBench (USA) modules are accurate, but also appropriate to an Australian context, and further aid to minimise students’ negative attitude towards quantitative skills and increase student engagement.

Hence, in this ideas exchange we will explore the strategies to embed the contextualised MathBench modules in first and second year science units to improve student engagement and students’ QS.

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