Conodonts, Corals and Stromatoporoids from Late Ordovician and Latest Silurian Allochthonous Limestones in the Cuga Burga Volcanics of Central Western New South Wales

Yong Yi Zhen


Conodont faunas of two disparate ages were recovered from allochthonous limestone clasts within the Cuga Burga Volcanics of the Wellington region in central western New South Wales. A Late Ordovician conodont fauna comprising 12 species is confidently assigned to the Taoqupognathus blandus Biozone of early Katian age. Four other samples yielded latest Silurian conodonts including Belodella resima, Belodella sp., Delotaxis detorta?, Dvorakia sp., Lanea? planilingua, Panderodus unicostatus, Pseudooneotodus beckmanni, Pseudooneotodus sp., Wurmiella excavata and Zieglerodina remscheidensis. Rugose and tabulate corals found in association with the latest Silurian conodont samples include Aphyllum lonsdalei, Aphyllum pachystele, Cystiphyllum sp., Tryplasma derrengullenense, Entelophyllum patulum yassense?, Pseudoplasmopora follis, Pseudoplasmopora sp. cf. P. heliolitoides, Striatopora sp. A, Striatopora sp. B, Syringopora sp., and Favositidae gen. et sp. indet. Associated late Silurian stromatoporoids include Amphipora sp., Clavidictyon? sp., Schistodictyon webbyi sp. nov. and Syringostromella sp. Tryplasma derrengullenense Etheridge, 1907 is revised based on thin sections prepared from the lectotype and a topotype and re-examination of the other type specimens.

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