Contents of papers arising from a symposium held on 13 July 2011 at the Wildlife Conservancy’s sanctuary at Scotia, far western New South Wales.

Linnean Society


A3-A4 Hayward, M.W. and Keith, D.A.
The Scotia science symposium 2011.

A5-A9 Coggan, N.
Are native dung beetle species following mammals in the critical weight range towards extinction?

A11-A18 Eldridge, D.J. and Huang, N.
Soil disturbance by invertebrates in a semi-arid eucalypt woodland: effect of grazing exclusion, faunal reintroduction, landscape and patch characteristics.

A19-A26 Gibb, H.
How might terrestrial Arthropod assemblages have changed after the dramatic decline of critical weight range (CWR) mammals in Australia? Using reintroductions at Scotia Sanctuary as a model for pre-European ecosystems.

A27-A37 Hayward, M. et al.
Reintroduction of bridled nailtail wallabies beyond fences at Scotia Sanctuary – Phase 1.

A39-A54 Keith, D.A. and Tozer, M.G.
The infl uence of fire, herbivores and rainfall on vegetation dynamics in the Mallee: a long-term experiment.

A55-A68 Westbrooke, M.
The pastoral history, biological and cultural signifi cance of the Scotia country, far western New South Wales