Silurian Brachiopods from the Cappanana Formation East of Cooma, Southern New South Wales

Desmond L Strusz


A collection of strongly tectonically distorted fossils from the Cappanana Formation east of Cooma,
NSW, is treated using digital imagery and computer software to restore the better-preserved specimens
to an approximation of their original shape and size, using previously published principles. The fauna is
dominated by brachiopods, all as dissociated valves, but also includes some encrinurid trilobites and a
few corals. Ten brachiopod species are recognised, of which seven - Mesopholidostrophia bendeninensis,
Morinorhynchus oepikensis, cf. Apopentamerus clarkei, Atrypa cf. duntroonensis, Atrypoidea australis,
Howellella aff. elegans and Spirinella caecistriata - are identical to, or closely comparable with, published
species of late Wenlock to Ludlow age. Three taxa (Coelospira sp., a leptaenine and an eospiriferine) are
very rare and could be new, but the material is insuffi cient, and restored images as obtained by the methods
used here should not be used to erect new taxa. The fauna is enclosed in mudstone, probably a currentwinnowed
slump deposit, so the original environment cannot be determined.

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