The Middle Triassic Megafossil Flora of the Basin Creek Formation, Nymboida Coal Measures, New South Wales, Australia. Part 9. The Genera Heidiphyllum, Voltziopsis, Rissikia and affiliated cones, and ?Yabeiella.

W. B. Keith Holmes, H. M. Anderson


Leaves from the coniferophyte genera Heidiphyllum, Voltziopsis and Rissikia with its associated fertile cones Rissikistrobus (female) and Rissikianthus (male) and simple leaves provisionally placed in Yabiella brachesbuschiana are described from two quarries in the Middle Triassic Nymboida Coal Measures of the Nymboida sub-Basin in northern New South Wales, Australia. Leaves of Heidiphyllum and Rissikia form monotypic assemblages on certain bedding planes and are amongst the most common fossils found at Nymboida.

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