Jenolan Show Caves: Origin of Cave and Feature Names

Kath Bellamy, Craig Barnes


The Jenolan Caves Historical and Preservation Society researchers and surveyors worked together to place cave and feature names on maps being produced by the Jenolan Caves Survey Project. Their sources for these names were guidebooks, newspaper articles, tourist publications, postcards, and photographs. Valuable contributions also came from the oral history supplied by past and current guiding staff. From 1838 to the present day, guides have striven to acquaint visitors with the “exotic” cave environment, resulting in a tradition of giving features familiar names. To the informed, names of caves and formations can take on a hieroglyphic character that can guide you through the history of the caves. Being aware of the feature names can give a glimpse of the discoverers, prompt interest in the adventures of early visitors and even recognise the work involved in making the caves accessible. The result is that over a thousand names have been found that link historically and culturally the discoverers, management and visitors.

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