Social Work & Policy Studies: Social Justice, Practice and Theory


First Nations Voices:

Special edition

Edited by Dr. Mareese Terare and Dr. Bindi Bennett

We would like to invite submissions from First Nations scholars, practitioners, and community members to our First Nations Voices Special Edition. In keeping with the journals desire to create a space for emerging voices we encourage those interested in publishing with us to contact the guest editors for advice and support.

Please note that this journal is dedicated to First Nations writers and their invited Allies.

Submissions will be accepted from

Practice reflections (3-4,000 words), theoretical contributions (4-5,000 words) or

original research (5-6,000 words)

(word lengths include references)


Social Work & Policy Studies: Social Justice, Practice and Theory (ISSN 2209-0878) aims to provide a platform for those advancing knowledge and debate on any aspect of social justice-informed social work, social policy, practice or theory.

With a goal of publishing twice yearly, the journal welcomes submissions that explore questions of: social injustice; inequity; systemic and/or individual oppression; the power dynamics of social relations such as race, class, gender, disability, sexuality, Indigeneity, age, region, political economy; questions engaging with intersectionality and multiple oppressions; and various forms of resistance, social change, social policy and social justice initiatives.  

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Margot Rawsthorne, University of Sydney, Australia

Donna Baines, University of British Columbia, Canada


Editorial Board

Malcolm Carey, University of Chester, UK

Bonnie Freeman, McMaster University, Canada

Paul Michael Garrett, NUI Galway, Republic of Ireland

Jude Irwin (Emeritus), University of Sydney, Australia

Mary Mitchell, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Lindsey Napier (Emeritus), University of Sydney, Australia

Alankaar Sharma, Australian Catholic University, Australia

Frank Wang, National Chen Chi University, Taiwan



Vol 4, No 1 (2021): Student edition 2021

Notes from the Editors:

This edition of Social Work & Policy Studies: Social Justice, Practice and Theory aims to illuminate the scholarship emerging from students currently completing degrees in social work. The collection includes students at all stages of their studies: from early undergraduate years to doctoral candidates. This student work reveals the issues at the forefront of social work activism, applying a critical lens to global social justice challenges including: minority rights (LGBTQ+ rights; disability rights; First Nations Peoples; the right to die) and structures of oppression (prisons and child protection systems). Excitedly, this edition includes the perspectives of students from Australia and Canada. We hope you the reader are as impressed as we are with the evident passion these students bring to their work. We hope the journal is a stepping stone for these scholars to ongoing engagement with critical ideas about social justice theory and practice.

Table of Contents

Student edition 2021

Rose Anderson
Ben Carl Bakker
Meredith Berrouard
Vesna Emma Clark
Inez Cloughton
Hannah Riley Duke
Patricia Ki
Daniel Stephen Marquardt
Jordan Mills
Aimee Pitt
Travis Patterson
Tin D. Vo