Prostanthera conniana (Lamiaceae, Westringieae), a new species from the Southern Tablelands, New South Wales, Australia

Trevor Craig Wilson, Lesley Elkan, Murray Henwood, Louisa Murray, Matt Renner, Catherine Wardrop


A new species of Prostanthera (P. conniana T.C.Wilson) from the Southern Tablelands botanical region of New South Wales, Australia, is here described. This species is known only from the Shoalhaven River in the vicinity of Bungonia. Features that justify the recognition of this species are a compact inflorescence, a hairy calyx, and an anther appendage relatively longer to the pollen locule. A comprehensive description, diagnostic illustrations, and an assessment of the conservation status of P. conniana are accompanied with an updated key to Prostanthera of New South Wales.


Prostanthera; Westringieae; Lamiaceae

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