Dodonaea crucifolia (Sapindaceae, Dodonaeoideae), a new species from north-eastern New South Wales, Australia

Ian R.H. Telford, Jeremy J. Bruhl


Dodonaea crucifolia I.Telford & J.J.Bruhl (Sapindaceae, Dodonaeoideae), endemic to north-eastern New South Wales, Australia, and previously confused with D. hirsuta (Maiden & Betche) Maiden & Betche, is described as new. Dodonaea hirsuta is recircumscribed with the D. crucifolia components removed and with male flowers described for the first time. The distribution, habitat and conservation status of both species are discussed and a table is provided comparing selected morphological attributes. Images of the new species and D. hirsuta are provided. The identification keys in Flora of Australia and NSW FloraOnline are modified to include the new species.


IUCN, Morphology; Plant Diversity Research; Plant Taxonomy; Rare plant species; hreatened species

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