Netrostylis, a new genus of Australasian Cyperaceae removed from Tetraria

Russell L Barrett, Jeremy J Bruhl, Karen L Wilson


A new genus, Netrostylis R.L.Barrett, J.J.Bruhl & K.L.Wilson is described for Australasian species previously known as Tetraria capillaris (F.Muell.) J.M.Black (Cyperacea tribe Schoeneae). The genus is restricted to southern and eastern Australia, and the North Island of New Zealand. Two new combinations are made: Netrostylis capillaris (F.Muell.) R.L.Barrett, J.J.Bruhl & K.L.Wilson and Netrostylis halmaturina (J.M.Black) R.L.Barrett, J.J.Bruhl & K.L.Wilson. Netrostylis is a member of the Lepidosperma Labill. Clade.


Cyperaceae; Netrostylis; Tetraria; Machaerina; Neesenbeckia; Schoeneae; Australia; New Zealand

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