Grevillea trichantha, a third species with hairy flowers in the Triloba Group (Proteaceae: Grevilleoideae: Hakeinae) from the Marchagee Track, south-west Western Australia

Peter Maurice Olde


Grevillea trichantha Olde, a rare species in the Triloba Group is described. It was discovered by the author in 2001 and appears to be most closely related to G. metamorpha Makinson, a rare, allopatric species known only from a single population on private land, west of the Brand Highway, in south-west Western Australia. Grevillea trichantha is the third species in the Triloba Group bearing floral organs on which hairs in various degrees of density are consistently distributed, notably on the outer surface of the perianth. A short key differentiating the three species is provided. Grevillea trichantha is more common than its comparator, G. metamorpha, but is still highly localised in distribution so deserves high conservation priority.


Plant systematics; Proteaceae; Grevillea

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