New Philippine moss records and additions to the Luzon moss flora

Virgilio Cutibar Linis


Four new Philippine moss records and five additions for the Luzon moss flora are presented. Anomodontopsis rugelii (Müll. Hal.) Ignatov & Fedosov; Chaetmitrium horridulum Bosch & Sande Lac.; Chaetomitrium vrieseanum Bosch & Sande Lac.; and Dicranoloma deplanchei (Duby) Par. are new country moss records while Anomodon pseudotristis (Müll. Hal.) Kindb.; Bescherellia elegantissima Duby; Claopodium assurgens (Sull. & Lesq.) Cardot; Pseudoparaphysanthus moutieri (Broth. & Paris) S. Olsson, Enroth, Huttunen & D. Quandt and Racopilum magnirete E.B. Bartram are new additions to the Luzon moss flora. Anomodontopsis Ignatov & Fedosov is a new genus record for the Philippines. This report of new records for the Philippine and Luzon’s moss flora has once again highlighted the importance of continued bryological studies in the archipelago. In this respect, field collecting in the country’s intervening islands and understudied areas is still necessary to further improve of knowledge of Philippine moss flora.


Luzon, moss flora, new records, Philippine National Herbarium, Philippines

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