Adelphacme (Loganiaceae), a new genus from south-western Australia

Kerry Lynne Gibbons, Barry John Conn, Murray James Henwood


The new genus Adelphacme (Loganiaceae) is here described. Adelphacme is placed in Loganieae and is distinguished from all other genera in Loganiaceae by the following unique combination of characters: stipules reduced to a persistent, membranous, interfoliar sheath; 5-merous calyx, corolla and androecium; calyx with indistinct tube; corolla glabrous or papillose with valvate aestivation; ovary semi-inferior and capsule two-horned (mitre-shaped) with styles persistent and apically united. The new combination Adelphacme minima (B.J.Conn) K.L.Gibbons, B.J.Conn & M.J.Henwood is here made. A key to the seven genera of Loganieae, recognised here, is provided. The key is modified to include all Australian genera of the family Loganiaceae.


Plant diversity research; plant systematics; Loganiaceae; Gentianales

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