Five new species of Utricularia (Lentibulariaceae) from Australia

Richard W Jobson


Utricularia fenshamii R.W.Jobson, U. ameliae R.W.Jobson, U. barkeri R.W.Jobson, U. grampiana R.W.Jobson, and U. lowriei R.W.Jobson (Lentibulariaceae) are described as new and are considered members of Utricularia subg. Polypompholyx section Pleiochasia. The distribution and habitat preferences of these species are discussed. The morphological differences between all five species and species to which they are allied are here discussed and identification keys provided.


Lentibulariaceae; Utricularia; bladderwort; subgenus Polypompholyx; taxonomy

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