Typifications in Andersonia (Ericaceae: Epacridoideae)

Kristina L. Lemson


Lectotypes are selected for Andersonia R.Br (Ericaceae) and eight taxa within the genus: A. aristata Lindl. A. brevifolia Sond., A. heterophylla Sond., A. involucrata Sond., A. sprengelioides R.Br., A. lehmanniana subsp. lehmanniana (Sond.)L.Watson and A. lehmanniana subsp. pubescens (Sond.)L.Watson. Andersonia patens Sond. is lectotypified in synonymy with A. sprengelioides.


Andersonia; lectotype; Ericaceae; Epacridoideae

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7751/telopea8285