Rediscovery, phytogeography and conservation status of Leptodermis riparia Parker (Rubiaceae) in Western Himalaya, India

Ishwari Datt Rai, Gajendra Singh, Gopal Singh Rawat


Leptodermis riparia Parker (Rubiaceae) is rediscovered after a gap of 90 years from its Type locality in eastern part of Uttarakhand, Western Himalaya. In addition, we recorded two new localities of this species in the state. All the three populations were found along stream courses especially on rocky substrates rich in limestone. The Type locality for this species was devastated due to severe floods of 2013. In this article, we have presented description, habitat characteristics, phytogeography and conservation status of L. riparia in the Western Himalaya.


Leptodermis riparia, Rubiaceae, Kali river, taxonomy, rediscovery, Western Himalaya

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